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Praying For Guard Rails


First I would like to say that I do realize that it has been seven days from the launch of this blog and there has not been but one post in that seven days. As I am learning about this new little hobby I am picking up on some important details. Being the systematic kind of person that I am, I have been planning in my head what I should write about first, then what would come next ,etc. etc. I spent this past week feeling like I was preparing to write a paper for graduate school! I was coming up with the topic and three good supporting details  and at some point felt the stress that went along with that. Oh how ridiculous! I am quickly realizing that blogging is just throwing it all out there and if …YOU…want to read it then that is just great! If you don’t, then it’s all good too.  I will learn that I need to get over the formality of it all and just write.

A few weeks ago some dear friends of mine were on a medical mission trip to Peru. This was not their first international mission trip at all. But, as I have heard the story told, it was their hardest. They went to very remote villages that required them to travel long, winding, muddy roads on the side of mountains. They traveled these roads daily and each day that amounted to hours in the van. All of this to take the name of Jesus to people who have never heard of Him.

Gary and Kathy were able to get a message home to ask for prayer warriors! Not only were the conditions more difficult than normal but there was also the added element of…fear. I am sure you can go in your mind to one or more situations where you have truly been afraid. Isn’t that a horrible feeling? In this situation it was the fear of physical safety.  Kathy said she could see the van in front of them with one wheel hanging off the side of the mountain! When I got the message to begin praying I sent out an email to my prayer warrior friends. I began to pray for…guard rails. Who would have ever thought that I would pray that God would place guard rails on the side of a mountain in Peru? All week long I imagined that angels were pushing vans back on the muddy roads and keeping them from falling many, many feet to the ground. I prayed for there to be guardrails to protect this team from danger.

That is what missions is about. I did  not have the privilege to go on this trip. I was at home doing my daily thing but, I was a part of this mission trip. All of you that are reading this blog that said a prayer or prayers for Gary and Kathy’s safety were part of this whole plan to minister to the people of Peru.

“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from His live, if any fellowship with the Spirit,if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and with purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, by in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.” Philippians 2:1-4

Missions is about putting other people’s needs and interests above our own. Being a part of a mission “team” changes your life. You may be the person that supported with prayer, supported with finances, supplied needed materials, or packed a suitcase and went out of your comfort zone. All of these are vital roles for a mission team. If we are all obedient Christ will show us exactly what role we are to play in mission efforts.

Gary and Kathy are home. They are safe. I am thanking God for answered prayers. And it wouldn’t surprise me one single bit for there to be brand new shiny guard rails on the side of a mountain in Peru.

And…We’re off!!!


I have told many of you that I was ready to start a blog. I have given it a lot of thought. I enjoy reading the blogs of my friends and family and find myself looking forward to their posts. So, I thought it was time for me to give it a try.

The main thing was for me to decide what I was passionate enough about to blog on a regular basis. I have lots of good stories to tell, recipes to share, and opinions to give. And…who knows? Some of that might make its way into my blog. But, I want to write about missions.

So, I decided on the subject. Thought for sure that was going to be the hardest part. But, then comes the title. Knowing me the way you do (if you do) you know that a boring ol title just isn’t me. Must be catchy, give the subject of my blog, and make you want to read more. I like the letter “z”. So, the title is Missionary Zeal. That title should speak for itself.

Certainly the hard part if over. I have a subject, I have a title, I am ready to go. But, some of my blogging friends threw a hitch in the quickness of getting this up and running by encouraging me to choose wordpress over blogger. The easy way out for me was to use blogger. I have used this program before. I gave it more thought and decided I was up for the challenge. Needless to tell you at this point, I am learning wordpress. You might have to be patient with me (especially if you are a wordpress veteran) I hope to get wordpress figured out soon. Who knows if I will get this post added to the right spot?

I have a subject, a title, and a program. Well, certainly the hard part is over. But, I had to choose a theme! You know…color, design, number of columns, etc. The possibilities are endless. Do I want it clean and crisp or pink and frilly?  Oh my wordpress! So, I picked this one. It looks a little bit like one I would choose. I don’t know that you should get used to it. There could be a change in the future. Choosing the right theme is a little bit like choosing the right outfit.

I think it is rather silly that I am hesitating and rambling before clicking on the blue “publish” button. I have wasted the past thirty minutes trying to decide how to change the font. Guess that is a lesson for another day. There is no time like the present. On your mark? Get set?  PUBLISH!