Monthly Archives: August 2011



It is very normal for a mission team to receive a “commissioning”  before leaving for a mission trip. This past Sunday was a time of mission focus for our church body. Our team was called to the front of the church and our pastor (who is part of the team) prayed over us. Our church family came from their seats and surrounded us to show their love and support. It was very special. It reminded me that The Mount Mission Team is not just about the 16 people who will be traveling tomorrow. The Team is the WHOLE church that focusses on missions, prays, gives, learns, and supports. The Mount has an amazing passion for missions, both locally and across the sea. The hearts of the people are amazing and I truly believe that God will bless that.

In a way, I had another “commissioning” that was very private (so private that I hesitated to put it on my blog.) But, I do want to share. Two days ago I continued my struggle with whether or not to travel to Ukraine because of my Dad’s failing health.  My heart seems to literally be breaking at the thought of being that far from him while he is so sick. I have no doubt that God called me to be part of this time. The internal struggle is from the human emotion of “heartbreak” and balancing that with being obedient.

On Monday, after our difficult doctor’s appointment, this is what he says to me…. “Mary Anne, I have always wanted to go on a mission trip and it doesn’t look like I am going to get to do that this year. Please go do this for me.”

Thank you, Dad, for the tangible words to confirm that I am doing what I am supposed to do.  I certainly never want to disobey God. And, I do and I have. I have disobeyed The Colonel in the past, as well. (no need to gasp out of shock) It really isn’t a happy place to be. There doesn’t seem to be any choice as to whether or not I get on that airplane tomorrow.  

I guess that is all the commissioning a girl could need.