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Kenya 2014


Good morning from Nairobi, Kenya! Our team safely arrived on Thursday as planned. There were absolutely no problems with our travel! God has been so faithful to answer your prayers thus far!

We have had been ministering in various sites so far. We went to the school at Kibara Slum on Friday and taught Bible lessons to the children there. This slum has approximately 1 million people that live there and is the largest here. It was definitely an eye opening experience for us all! We rejoiced with the kids as we handed out treats, read stories from the Bible, sang songs, did crafts, and played together! We did many of these same activities on Saturday at a 3 hour kids camp at Emmanuel Worship Centre. This is the church of our dear friend here in Nairobi and what a joy it was to be in that church so much this weekend! We even sat in the chairs that so many of our friends, family, and Mount church members donated money for! The smiles in the children’s faces have absolutely stolen our hearts. They love Kim’s sweet and gentle spirit, Suzanne’s silliness (and bubble blower), Amy’s gift of song and joy, and my hugs. We are growing accustomed to hearing little voices whisper “mazungu!” As people with much lighter skin enter the room. Neighborhood children walking by will frequently do a “double take” as they peak to see what is happening!

When we arrived our area of Nairobi had a blackout and we were without a electricity and internet for a couple of days. We are so happy to have those luxuries back (mostly the hot water!) but, are constantly reminded that they are just as that… Luxuries. Oh what we “mazungu” people take for granted every day! We will tell each other something that we are missing from home and continually remind each other that we aren’t supposed to be comfortable. In all actuality we are way more comfortable than we should be every day.

Our host family is absolutely amazing! We look forward to telling you more about her and their ministry in Nairobi soon. Brenda provides our breakfast, our beds to rest at night, a beautiful place to call home away from home, and for no extra charge she gives us hugs each night and tells us she loves us! Oh how God will reward and bless her for her kindness!!!! This was truly a new friendship orchestrated by our Almighty Father. All glory to Him!

Our Sunday of worship was amazing! We taught more Bible stories to the children, sang songs (that $3.99 kids praise download has been the best money we have spent :), and ate a few more sweets. The church service was beautiful and we heard a powerful message from Pastor Roberts. What a man of God he is! We are so blessed to spend so much time learning from him everyday. Our long rides around the city are learning sessions for us as he shares his wisdom with us everywhere he goes. The church graciously prepared out lunch yesterday. Wow! What an amazing gift! We loved every bite and wished we could bring you some leftovers! We had chicken, beef, two kind a of rice, cabbage/carrots, and chapadi bread (similar to a tortilla) We sat at the guest table with the ministers and Suzanne shared with them all of the ways we could add to the chapadi. For example she explained we might put butter, cinnamon and sugar on them or add cheese. Oral was quick to tell her that she would ruin it!

We had an afternoon session with sweet,sweet women who are our sisters! We talked about prayer and heard moving and tearful testimonies from Suzanne and Amy. God moved in our meeting and we have new friends for life.

Thank you all for your prayers and messages for home! We read every one of them. We are up and getting ready to go visit a school and do more visiting with the darling children! I will try to post again tonight!

Much love and many hugs from Kenya! The red dirt is definitely in our souls and we can’t wait to tell you about it.