Six sets of 12 months.

Six Christmas trees without his voice singing “Silent Night”

Six football seasons no Colonel in seat 1.

Six Father’s Days no money spent at Hallmark.

Six Surfside summers without that Tilley hat following the flow of the waves.

Six years to make sure you can still remember that precious voice, the warmth and safety of the hugs.

Six anniversaries of wedding bells with only half here to celebrate.


Six sets of 12 months

Six candles on the goldendoodle’s birthday cake.

Six amazing nieces and nephews with constant hugs and laughs.

Six years I still remember his precious voice, the warmth and safety of the hugs.

Six years closer to hearing “There she is!”

Six years to be proud of the other half – so brave and full of faith.

Six years to finally see the brother smile and laugh and love again.


You are so good to me.

I do not hate cancer.

I do not blame.

You see the whole parade.

Do your work, God.

Complete your sovereign plan.

No matter the tears here or pain that comes with these yucky life changes.

Keep working, God.

Keep showing us that we are not worthy…and that only You are.

I continue to surrender little ol me for your great big world plan.

You are so good.

6 sets of  12 months to serve You and love You more.

6 sets of 12 months closer to the finish line.

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  1. Mile markers are so significant, and you’ve addressed that so eloquently! You reminded me that we get choices on our….perspective.
    You are building your altar like God told Joshua to do, …”So when your descendants ask what the stones mean, you can tell them about the goodness and provision of God” … and already the next generation is hearing the story of favor and blessing on their family.
    Absolutely beautiful.
    I’m sure your father is so proud of you. He’s asking Jesus, “. Did you see what my girl wrote last night?”❤️❤️

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