Let’s all have a sing along…
“To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven…
A time to laugh, a time to weep”
The Colonel had his scheduled appointment for chemo yesterday at 11:15. We really had NO reason to think that his levels would not be good based on how he looked and acted. His levels were down even more from last week and he gained 3 more pounds! Oh how we get excited about these things! There is really nothing new to report about his medical condition. He is gaining weight and many of his levels are in or near the “normal” range. He tolerated his chemo treatment just as he has for the past 3 weeks. The daily infusions are just about to become routine and very normal. He will take one week off of the chemo treatment (no appt. on Monday) and we go back to see the doctor on Wednesday. They will repeat the cancer indicator test which we will pray will continue to go down.
Dad is working on gaining some of his strength back as well as literally eating us out of house and home! He decided to combine those two activities by starting to go out to eat! He was able to go to Ruby Tuesdays, Casa de some mexican restaurant, Moe’s and TCBY. (and just got report that he went to Olive Garden on a date tonight!) He is moving around the house more and still “working” both staircases in the house. He seems to be determined to regain some muscle strength and work on his endurance.  I will give you a little word to the wise… if you happen to share a meal with him anyime soon you had better eat your favorites off your plate quickly! When he finishes his plate he starts eyeing everyone else’s!
Dr. Jones was quick to approve a trip to the beach for the Colonel! We are going tomorrow for a change of scenery and to attempt to do something “normal”. It seems unreal, even as I type, that we are able to do this.
I believe in miracles and I see this to be nothing short of one. Please know that God is answering your prayers for our family! Three weeks ago, no one would have ever thought that going out to eat and taking a short trip was going to be possible. Many of you tell me that you pray for miracles! Thank you, thank you!  
 “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”
I am thankful for all of the “seasons” of this journey! (that is certainly not the same thing as a roller coaster, is it?) I am learning so much from our precious Lord and Savior. I believe, with my whole heart, that God has a plan and purpose for The Colonel… mine and Thom’s precious “daddy”, Bettie’s “love”,  Summer’s”father-in- law”, the nephew’s “Big Tom”, “brother-in-law” to a handful, “medical colleague” to many, and “friend” to us all. We will watch it unfold, soak up every season, thank God for the laughs and the tears, and pray that not one single bit of this chapter in our lives is outside of God’s perfect and sovereign plan.
I would take time to write more but…I have some flip flops and sunscreen to pack! Woo Hooo!
Love to you all (even those of you that I have not met…I am loving hearing from you and meeting you through email)
Mary Anne

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