Right now I am staring out of my hotel window at The Mighty Mississippi River. Its 2, 320 miles make it the fourth longest and tenth largest of the rivers in the world. Now that is big.

This morning I toured Graceland. Elvis’ large white columned mansion sits on 13.8 acres and is 17, 552 square feet. This is approximately 17 of my houses. That is big. Big airplanes. Big cars. Big jeweled rings. Big shirt collars. Big bank account. Shoot…his hair was even big.

There isn’t really any new BIG news regarding The Colonel and his fight with this serious disease. As I last stated, Round 3 of his chemotherapy treatment started last Monday. This was difficult for him following a week with no treatment. He was very sleepy most of the week and had a hard time finding energy to do much more than let the chemo fight. By Saturday he was able to leave the house and escort my Mom and I to a restaurant in downtown Columbia.

I have family members that call my dad “Big Tom”. Isn’t that great? This term of endearment makes me grin. I think of all of the clemson orange things we have had over the years with the etched, painted, sewn, or engraved words “Big Tom”. I guess lots of sons and daughters and nephews think there father and uncle are “big”. So, this probably isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the rest of you. But, watching my dad fight the cancer battle reminds me of why we call him “big”. He has done lots of big things in his life. Too many to list. This fight for The Colonel might be the biggest of them all.

He had his scheduled appointment yesterday for chemo. His jaundiced color and his need for more sleep this past week tipped us off that the chemo was really attacking his liver. As we had suspected, his billirubin was elevated this week and he lost 2 pounds. Praise the Lord that the billirubin level was not higher than the limit for chemo. He did receive his regular treatment yesterday. Dr. Hutchison came to the infusion level to consult with him. She is hoping this is just a minor setback and not the beginning of a movement in the “wrong direction”. There are specific things that mom will be watching for this week. We will return to SCOA on Monday for scheduled treatment. Would you pray with us that this billirubin number will drop this week (specifically we would like for it to be back down around 1.5) and that his body will accept this round of chemo as it has in the past? The next group of body scans are scheduled for August 3rd. It is possible that these will be repeated sooner if needed.

For to us a child is born,
  to us a son is given,
  and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
  Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
  Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

Wonderful. Mighty. Everlasting. Peace. Those words combined cannot be used to describe another soul. THAT is BIG! So, how big IS God?

Oh, my sweet friend, God is BIG enough. Call on Him, trust in Him, have faith in Him, cry out to Him, sing to Him, and trust…in….Him. God is big enough to handle what burdens us. He is big enough to hear us all when we call. He is big enough to calm our tears and fears in the middle of the night. He is big enough to care for and love each one of us. He is big enough to cure our heartache.

He is bigger than The Mighty Mississippi and bigger than Elvis. He is bigger than cancer and bigger than my love for my earthly father. God is truly BIG ENOUGH.


Praying that you feel and know how very big God is!
Hugs and love to you all,
Mary Anne

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