Our “porch time” this morning consisted of the normal strong cups of coffee, birds chirping, long conversation, some tears, and talking about the near and distant future. With our appointment not being until noon most of our morning was in great anticipation for the news we would hear after the scan. Try as I might, I found myself to be overly nervous and waiting for us to just to get in the car and go. I do hope that this anxiety was not a sign of weakness on my part. Just real life, I guess.
Mom set the alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. to wake up and begin Dad’s daily infusion. This infusion takes about 4 1/2 hours to complete each day. The goal was to have the infusion completed today prior to The Colonel’s two hour fast before the CT scan. This infusion gives him a slight increase of energy. We though this might be helpful as he conquered getting in the car during the noonday heat of Columbia.
Our trip to SCOA today resulted in what I would call “good news”. The scan showed no growth in the tumors of his pancreas or liver. It is not common for existing tumors to go away in this serious stage of Pancreatic Cancer. Dr. Hutchison seemed pleased (and said this more than once) that there was no notable growth. There is a concern about his jaundiced color, his current billirubin number, and his lack of energy. She did schedule The Colonel for a chemo chair on Monday at 11:00. We are all hoping that his billirubin will drop to the “acceptable” range over the weekend in an effort to receive a treatment. If you are willing to pray very specifically, we would ask that you would pray for a number between 2 and 5. Ideal for him would be 1.5, next ideal would be the 2s or 3s. But, she is willing to talk about chemo between 4 and 5. Anything over that will require more of a “wait” for treatment. We strongly believe in the power of prayer and we are thankful for your willingness to partner with us in this journey.
There is definitely a sense of major relief after this visit. We will stay the course and continue to take it day by day. Thank you for your many prayers, texts, emails, and calls today. You are just amazing.  
I guess by now you have figured out that my Mom is what could be called Chief Caregiver. Mom has devoted her waking hours (and even some non waking hours) to making sure Dad has everything he not only needs, but wants. She is so attentive to what might make this situation better. Even if it is the smallest of things. But, that is just her style. She manages the daily infusions, makes beef stew and protein smoothies, fills his water cup multiple times per day, tends to every duty of the household, runs the errands, and still finds time to be cheerful and encourage us all. She is such an amazing blessing to our family! No wonder The Colonel picked her to be his life partner. Good choice sir!
Today I was reminded of a sign that I have hanging in my home.
“We only see the float in front of us but God sees the whole parade.”
As bizarre as this sounds, I am so glad I can’t see the whole parade. I am thankful that God is the Grand Marshall and is leading the parade route. We will “stay the course” and look for all the blessings in the meantime.
Psalm 27:14
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
We love your emails and correspondance. Thanks for the sweet words and encouragement!
Much love to you

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