Just thought I would update you since my last email. Things have changed again. You can read the details below (this is an email my Mom just sent out) Rather than retype the info I will just forward. Thanks for your prayers.
Dear praying friends and family,

Another bump in the road . . . the lab work from yesterday showed Tommy’s liver function to be too high to qualify for the clinical trial.  We will go early tomorrow (Thursday) morning for another ultrasound to determine if there is a blockage in the pancreas or liver.  If that is the case, he will be scheduled to have a stent placed to correct the blockage and after a couple of weeks recuperation, might still be able to enter the clinical trial.  If no blockage is found, we will move to Plan B which is the traditional treatment for pancreatic cancer,  a chemo agent called Gemzar.
We will meet with his doctor Friday morning for the test results and to determine a course of action.
We are disappointed that we can’t get started right away but still trust God’s hand in all of this.  Thank you for your precious prayers.
Sending our love,

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